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Twitter bot: NYT Finally Said source

Cross-references words published in the New York Times for the first time (via @NYT_first_said) with the Ngram dataset from Google, reporting how many books have already published text containing that word.

Library: react-combo-test

Smash lots of states against components to find more bugs!

Music: Distracted

Blog: Implication

An under-appreciated boolean operator

Canada150 Guide

Collecting stories about Canada's past and present that broaden the narrative of Canada150.


write-only.space source

Save notes by emailing them to note@write-only.space – no account required. Notes are organized by author (the email sender) and topic (the subject line). Access to notes is via a special link that is sent as a reply to the author.


Blog: Virtual DOM is not a feature

Discoveries from an exploration of declarative user interfaces for the web in javascript

Truth & Reconciliation Report extracted from PDF source

Through a combination of scripting and manual clean-up, the text, formatting, and metadata was recovered from all 388 pages of the TRC's Executive Summary (2015). It is hosted online at web-trc.ca, with an interface for linking directly to any block of text, sharing passages via social media, and integration with videos from #ReadTheTRCReport, a collection recordings of people reading the entire report.

ontario bridges source

Thumbnail of the Ontario Bridges demo